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Pleats Screen







Pleats screen is a type of blind that folding a flat Washi paper into form of pleats and piling it up. It is diffuses penetrated light and taking in gentle light like Shoji paper. General blind products are aimed for controlling quantity of light and shutting out view.On the other hand, MOLZA pleated screen does not only shutting out view but also controls quantity light by diffusing and penetrating light like Shoji paper. 






デコベース どこまでも連続するパズル

​Deco base






Deco-base  Consecutive puzzles endlessly

It is new and unprecedented decoration panel which is developed by three-dimensional paper molding technology. Simple design and material taste of the paper create unique space. Various expressions are brought by putting together square panels like a puzzle. It is most suitable for the space requiring strong impact such as exhibition booth or background of information desk. Furthermore, it would be more effective in directing the shadow by the lighting.

“立体墙纸(Deco-bace)” 无限延伸 永无止境


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